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Custom or Production — Which Builder Is Right for You?

Residential builders are generally divided into two broad categories, production builders and custom builders, but even within each category, there is still a wide range of how much you can personalize your home. While many buyers assume that a custom home is more expensive, in many cases that is not true. So what’s the difference? 

A production builder typically builds multiple homes at the same time, based on a library of floor plans. Their buyers personalize their home by selecting favorite choices from several options offered by the builder.

Custom builders build an entirely unique home based on a one-of-a-kind home design created by an architect in conjunction with the buyer. 

Custom builders typically build fewer homes per year than production builders do and many build individual homes for sale on individual lots all around town, land which they or the homebuyer can acquire. Many production builders build in larger, master-planned new home communities. But even here, there are exceptions. For example, some large master-planned communities will reserve an area or neighborhood for custom homes.

When you’re looking at a home from a production builder, you’ll be choosing from a menu of floor plans and options.  If you want more customization, then you want to work with a custom builder. They have the contractors who have the knowledge and experience in customizing and quality.  With a production builder you’re likely to find a lower cost and a quicker delivery, but less quality and limited customizing than with a custom builder.

While many custom builders construct only a handful of homes each year, they can focus more on the quality of the home and the customer care they give to their clients. 

A smart question to ask yourself is:  how much time and energy you want to put into selecting details of your home. The more you want your home to fit your family’s life style the more likely you will want to build custom.

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