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Spring is almost here and as soon as this last round of snow melts, it’ll be time to get outside and enjoy our few precious months of summer!

At Digitek, we know that you work hard for the small amount of summer that Wisconsin gives us, so we want to make your outdoor spaces as enjoyable as possible. With the recent emergence of larger outdoor living spaces including intricate patios, pools, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and general outdoor living space, the need for creature comforts in these areas has exploded. After all, if you’re going to be “living” outdoors you might as well have access to all of the creature comforts that you have when you’re indoors. That’s why we specialize in a full line of outdoor solutions including weather-proof televisions, sound systems that literally disappear into your landscaping, wifi that covers your entire backyard, and even smart control of your exterior lights. All of these systems are completely immune to our seasonal conditions and require no maintenance or consideration on your part – simply walk outside and enjoy! Furthermore, we can simplify control of these sorted devices down to one easy to use app that gives you an enjoyable and elegant way to manage your environment.

If you’re considering undertaking an outdoor living space project, or if you have an existing space that you’d like to elevate call Digitek Digital at any time for a free consultation!

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