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Spring Home Assessment

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Things to look at when inspecting your home.


Spring is a good time to trim trees up and away from your roof. Look for chipped or missing shingles, check flashing, soffits, fascia and any wood trim in contact with the roof for rotting or peeling paint.

Exterior Walls and Foundation

Check for any cracks, deterioration or peeling paint. If there's excessive

foundation cracking call for a professional inspection. Otherwise, you can patch it yourself with a mortar patch (applied with a caulk gun).

Soil Grading

If water settles around your house rather than draining away, make

sure the soil is sloping away from the house (1 inch per 6 feet is what's

recommended). If it doesn’t simply backfill with some top soil.

Doors and Windows

Look for peeling or cracked caulk and weather stripping. You can easily

purchase caulk and repair it yourself. Clean out window wells and check that all windows and doors open, close and lock properly.

Porches, Decks and Patios 

Sealing your wooden porches and decks on an annual basis will help

prevent against rotting and deterioration. Secure any wobbly rails or steps and replace or treat any rotting or deteriorating wood. Check patios for cracks or settling and repair.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Check for cracking and fill with concrete patch. Taking the time to seal

your concrete will help prevent further cracking and deterioration. If you

have asphalt be sure to have it sealed according to the recommended

number of years your installer suggested.

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