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What You Should Ask Your Builder

You want to know your builder will be there for you during all stages of the construction process.

Choosing your builder is a very important decision. You'll be working closely with this company through the design and construction of your home. Beyond that, you want to know your builder will be there for you should you have issues needing to be resolved well after completion.  

Here's a list of questions you should ask a builder before you make this major decision: 

  • How long has the builder been in business?

  • Has the builder changed business names and if so, why?

  • What processes has the builder developed to make the building process organized and enjoyable for the client?

  • How long has the builder worked with their subcontractors and can you call and talk with them about the builder?

  • What industry awards has the builder earned?

  • Can the builder share a list of ALL clients served?

  • How will my home building be managed, by a project manager? How often will they be on site?

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