Referral Program



As a friend & partner of JFK Design Build, we are offering you a really easy way to make some extra money!

$500.00 to $3,500.00 CASH!

How many times do you find yourself telling a friend about a new product that you’ve tried and loved?  It’s natural to express your happiness when something is exceptional.  Now you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your enthusiasm.

Our goal at JFK Design Build is to create lifelong satisfied customers who are not only thrilled with the home we’ve built or remodeling project we’ve done,  but with the way we do business as a whole. One of the best ways to promote our company is through folks like you who enjoyed working with us, and who understand the value of JFK’s integrity, craftsmanship and philosophy in building. If you feel this describes you, then let me explain our new referral program.

When you refer a potential client to JFK Design Build, you will not only be rewarded with the satisfaction that you have connected them to an exceptional quality builder with highly acclaimed integrity but you will also receive compensation for your referral. It is our way of saying thanks for helping us make a connection. Your part of the process is simple and we do the rest.

Just call or email us to let us know of your referral.  We will then contact you when an agreement is signed and finally when the project closes. All you do is what comes naturally – express your happiness of working with JFK Design Build!

Award summary:   

  • Project size – $200,000 to $499,999 we give you $1,500.00 cash!

  • Project size – $500,000 to $1,000,000 we will give you $2,500.00 cash!

  • Project size – over $1,000,000 we will give you $3,500.00 cash!

  • Project size – remodel 50,000+ we will give you $500.00 cash!

  • Cash awarded after the successful close

Referral Program Rules:
Verification: After receipt of email or referral call being made to our office and a signed contract is executed, JFK will officially confirm the referral.

Thanks! Message sent.